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Add-On Specials

Bride and Groom Preparations

Begin your story with a tale of how the day began. Let us capture all the excitement and anticipation building up to the big moment. We will keep the cameras rolling while all the girls are being overcome by emotion as they see the bride in her beautiful dress for the first time and the boys are being larrikins.

Childhood photo Montage

Your photos can tell an amazing story of you and your parter from childhood until now. Set to your choice of music, you can include baby photos, holiday photos or family shots. We can prepare your photo montage to be displayed at your Reception or special event if needed.

Additional Copies

Order additional copies of your Wedding DVD complete with customised covers and labels for $25 each. These can be sent to close friends or relatives including those living overseas.

HIghlights Reel

Let us do an action grab of your whole day summarised in the duration of just 1 or 2 songs. This will show the highlights of your day with the same emotion and intensity of a full DVD and is a great way to show family and friends on social media sites.



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